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We Carry a Two Millon Dollar insurance policy! 


Las vegas Conveyors also provides all technical and mechanical support that is required long after the installation process is completed.

Automated Conveyor Systems, is now based in Las Vegas, NV.

We provide conveyor installation and repair services. A breakdown of our full service would include repairing if possible, replacing or installing conveyor chain, conveyor belt, bearings, sprockets, motor, gearbox, pulleys, shafts, new belts, we count with 20 years of experience, and do our best to make sure the customer is satisfied with the work. We have our own machine shop to make any kind of parts we can. We Fabricate food grade conveyors, and Installations.

Line Shaft and Gravity Flow Conveyors

Fabrication specializes in custom conveyor fabrication. We fabricate many different styles of conveyors for the various industries and types of products. Whether you need a small conveyor, a large conveyor system, or custom conveyor replacement parts let us help you.


Specialize in repairs and maninatance 
Las Vages Conveyor 
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